Praise for Brave Projects

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Vitality Yoga Flow

Beth's filming our promotional video was amazing. It was effortless on our part and she came up with the most succinct professional video within days after the shoot!  Her creativity and calm easy going demeanor was a pleasure to work with as well.   An amazing job she did!  People from all over the country and beyond have told me that they're sold on our product based on this video.  She's top on my list for film makers and videographers.

 – Maggie Heinzel-Neel, Owner

Plan B; documentary

“Plan B is a tight and concise look at the universaldesire to have children.  But “Plan B” isabout single women who don’t or can’t wait until Mr. Right comes along.  Not anymore.  Beth Cramer hasdelved deeply and made a film that will appeal to women around the world.

 – Brian W Brown,New Yorker Films

Brave NYC

“Beth is an experienced editor known for her mastery in the fashion/beauty niche with a strong following at many top agencies and directors around the world."

 – Jeff Beckerman, Producer

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